It was not surprising that professional organizations would seek out KWK after its founding in 1992 to represent them at the General Assembly, within the Administration and before the various boards.  Over the years, we have worked with an array of clients on numerous issues from healthcare, professional regulation, telecommunications, agriculture, education, retail, environment and utilities.  While the Indiana General Assembly is in session only three or four months each year, lobbying activities occur throughout the year. In fact, the most important work often occurs when the Legislature is not in session. Visiting legislators in their hometowns, participating in interim study committees, developing strategies with clients for the next session, and meeting with key administration officials keep us running year round.

A combination of experience and public service make our team unique at the Statehouse. The partners at KWK have over sixty years of combined lobbying experience, and have each held key positions in state government. Since 1974, the partners of KWK have been a part of Indiana state government.  At KWK we prove on a daily basis that representing clients at the Indiana General Assembly and before administrative agencies can be done with honesty and integrity. We pride ourselves in developing relationships with members of both parties, and in proving what our clients are seeking is good public policy.


Governmental Affairs

Don’t like a policy of a state agency?  Why not change it.  We will advocate on your behalf to change policies or rules that are impediments to your success.  Since we have all been public servants, we are well positioned to communicate in ways that can bring about positive change.  We are well versed in working with state agencies on a variety of issues.  So don’t get mad; let us help you fix it!


Bill Keown provides general legal advice to clients, and specializes in US Small Business Administration loans administration.  Bill has closed several thousand 7A and 504 loans for clients, and represents clients in work-out of such loans. He also represents clients in business formations and operations,  employment law, real estate transactions and general corporate law.


Our clients are sometimes frustrated that public officials are not hearing their concerns.  We help them to break down such barriers by organizing campaigns to most effectively get their point across.  This may include helping them to organize a coalition of other groups with similar concerns, developing comprehensive strategies on how to best meet their objectives, and involving the news media in publicizing their issues.  While we do not hold ourselves out as public relations specialists, we are adept at developing effective strategies to insure that clients have a strong voice with state government.


With our extensive knowledge of both the organization of state government and the key personnel that manage it, we offer clients insight into how to do business in Indiana.  We can open doors to the people that you need to know to compete for various types of state and municipal business.  We will not only introduce you to these public servants, but will advise you at every step on how secure business in our Hoosier state.

Political Action Committees

Many people resent the fact that money appears to play such a major role in government.  The truth is that legislators are constantly running for reelection, and need large sums of money to conduct such campaigns.  Contributions to campaigns do not guarantee success on issues.  Rather, they generally help elect people who already agree with the views of the contributors.  We advise clients on appropriate contributions, and often help them to organize and maintain political action committees.

Professional Regulation

Our two principals have unique backgrounds in this area with unparalleled experience. Governor Robert D. Orr appointed Bill Keown in 1983 to organize the Health Professions Bureau (now merged with the Professional Licensing Agency). During his five year tenure, Bill rewrote the practice acts of the 26 professions licensed by the agency, and restructured the agency into an efficient professional organization.